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The U.S.N.O.M.R.L.P. National Headquarters - Boca Ciega Yacht Club, Gulfport, Florida. Postal Address - P.O. Box 40925, St. Petersburg. FL 33743

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Screaming Lord Sutch, founder of Political Loonyism and Mentor of the Loony Parties throughout the world

We like to welcome you to a political party that's really a party--The United States Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

First started by rocker Screaming Lord Sutch in England in 1963, we issue daft manifestos with a laugh and propose even dafter laws with a serious intent: to make people take action. If you ever watch C-Span during its public policy blocks, there might be the British General Election. In one of the districts, there will bound to be someone with the audacity to wear a top hat, crazy ties, and a big honkin' button that says "VOTE LORD SUTCH" and he'd be smiling along. That's us.

Now, we are here in America with even more enlightenment than you can shake a stick at. With the Clinton scandals, the peccadillos of politicians, and various etcetera, we believe it's high time to be Loony and hoist people by their petards. We'll be glad to welcome you aboard. To support the Party party, Loony merchandise is now available to purchase: T-SHIRTS ($10), LOONY BADGES ($1) AND LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS ($10-includes a certificate of sanity, membership card, badges, etc.) If interested, print up this handy-dandy application form!

You are invited!

Sir Andrew "Edd Banger" Shaw & Lady Marlena proudly presents
the 7th (or is it the 8th?) annual Loony party in the United States...


at Boca Ciega Yacht Club – 4600 Tifton Dr. S. – Gulfport, Florida
(for info, call 727-344-5443 or e-mail ikam@earthlink.net)

SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 19, 2002, 6:00 P.M. until...?

Live Music, Jollity, Merriment, Hillarity, Muse, Comedy, Jams (bring your axe or horn)!

ATTIRE: Party colors are YELLOW and BLACK and PURPLE. One, or any combination of, will present you in proper attire. For the more adventurous loonys, any "mad-hatters" attire would be most suitable. Speaking of hats, hats are "in" (top hats, derbys, easter hats, halloween hats, whatever!).

This is the alternative to seasonal Halloween parties.
Be creative or come as you are.

The foremost policy: put the party back into the Party!

Guest starz....u.k. rock’n’roll Loony party leader, screwy driver
& lovely lady gertie gussett, Loonyada Captain Cutlass, and other guest starz from the u.k.
sir barny and rockin’ renate from the new deutschen rock’n’roll und loony partei and ?
hollywood dave-sir andrew edd banger-nationwide jeff-sweet lips barb on sax-
bilge pump-and other local legends and talents to be announced-
for amazement…fire eater and magician, kim magic
and, for more laughs....comedy!

This is a bring food & beverages to eat & share deal.

Prizes for the best Loony attire and the best campaign poster!


Sir Andrew Edd Banger and Lady Marlena Shaw
are the head guys of our Party. They enjoy sailing and spreading Loony cheer in Florida.

Our Presidential Candidate:Hollywood Dave of the Hotheads
A full biography of us will be on our pages soon.


If you like some more info, e-mail us and check out the Rock and Roll Loony Page! And please, check out our page often as we expand!

Designed by The Right Honourable Peachy Keen Jellybean Carol Rodriguez,
Aspiring Minister of Amateur Radio and Noogie Administration
Plentipotentiary of the Orange County CA Chapter of the Party

Questions? E-mail Lady Marlene Shaw and Sir Andrew Edd Banger, US Party Leaders

The Webmistress is the Founder of the Royal Order of the Pinkie Linker and Author of the Pinkie Manifesto.

Webmistress' Comment: I believe that you can find Loonies in most Political Parties. I've encountered Loony Republicans, Loony Democrats, and I was taught by a Professor who's a Loony Libertarian! So if you're Loony and ya know it, join us, say it loud and say it proud!!!

The Late Screaming Lord Sutch, Party Creator and Founder of the U.K. Official Monster Raving Loony Party & whose spirit continues in the new U.K. Rock’n’Roll Loony Party....

Screaming Lord Sutch’s original party was created in Great Britain in the 1960’s, a tradition he carried on until his death in 1999. To this day, he stands in history as the longest running candidate for Prime Minister (never to win!). May we carry on with his passion for music, his humorous views on politics,

and do so in his wonderful spirit of humor and friendship!

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