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Inspired by that infamous Mr. T page, this page is a sophomoric homage to the Man of the Century, Sir Winston Churchill.

Disclaimer: This is a work of parody. Please do not sue my buns off.

Winston Churchill was the son of a nobleman. Like most sons of nobles, he entered the military. During the Boer War, Churchill lead his group of Hussars at Omdurman...

Churchill entered Parliament, following his dad's footsteps.
"I know better to cross my legs!"

Churchill later became the Chancellor of the Exchequer and later on, became First Lord of the Admiralty and finally, Prime Minister...

"That's how many I ate today!"

When Britain entered WWII, Churchill made sure that the Germans would not escape easily.

Assuming the position for inspection

Roosevelt: "Oh, no! You ain't getting those babies...'I know better to cross my legs!'"

"At the end, I still got both of them intact!"