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Yes, I am different.

I refuse to be treated as “just another voter” by the major political parties.

To show my true political colors and prove my sanity, I wish to join the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, U.S. National H.Q. When accepted, I agree to:

1. Wear my Loony Badge with pride.
2. Keep my Membership Card with me at all times.
3. Put my Certificate of Sanity on the office/kitchen/toilet wall or other similar place.
4. Put my Car Sticker in a prominent place.
5. Cherish my Photograph of the Founder, Screaming Lord Sutch.
6. Read and inwardly digest the contents of my Members Handbook.
7. Spend my Loony Million Pound notes at whichever pub/shop/bank will take them.
8. Share my “sanity” and Loony cheer with thousands (or at least my friends, neighbors and family).
9. Do my utmost best to attend at least one Loony event per year (any continent) and have a great time doing so.


NAME:___________________________________LOONY NAME?_____________________________

ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________

CITY: __________________________________STATE: _____________ POSTAL CODE____________

TELEPHONE(S)(_____)_______________________ (_____)_________________________________

E-MAIL: ____________________________________

Loony Aspirations?____________________________________________________________________

Signed: _____________________________________Date: ______________________________________

*If you are enrolling a friend/relative, etc., please print their name and address carefully (we want to make sure the Certificate of Sanity is printed correctly).

Please send this application form for lifetime membership with your check/postal order for $10.00, made payable to IKAM, Inc., O.M.R.L.P. U.S.N.H.Q., P.O. Box 40925, St. Petersburg, FL , 33743.